Make Your Own Ladder Shelf for your Craft Show Display

Mama Made Them

I want to get away from using tables in my display. Tables are very limited in their display potential. You can add shelves to them, but you are still losing the bottom three feet or so of vertical space.

After reviewing the options, I decided to go with a ladder shelf. I didn’t actually have a ladder, so I made my own.


It was very easy to make.

I just bought eight 6 foot long 1×4’s and 3 1×10’s (they were on sale at Busy Beaver, but 1×12’s would give you even more space on your shelves).

Then I cut up eight of them to make the crossbars. I cut them to fit the 1×10 boards, but cut them for whatever size board you are using for the shelves.

I laid out the 4 6 foot pieces and the 8 crossbars on top of each other as I was glueing so…

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